World Map

screen shot of world map

The world around Echo Village is an area of nine sections. The town is in the middle and surrounded by the Forest, Mountain, and River areas. The three areas of your farm are to the south of the village. Some areas are available starting at the beginning of the game but others have to be unlocked by completing Dunhill's restoration plans. You can switch from world map view to local area view by tapping on your bottom touch screen.

Your Farm

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The family farm is broken into three areas. When you first start the game, you only have access to the main center area where your house is located. This area will have a Barn built in and three Gravel Fields, but not a Coop. You'll need to buy the Coop blueprint from Rebecca after she moves in around Spring 25. The main farm area also has a small terraced section and a fishing dock.

The next area to be unlocked is to the east of the center area. You need to complete Town Renovation Plan #3 and begin Town Restoration Plan #4 to clear the boulders that block access to the east farm area. This area has four terraced lands for crops and more flat space for additional buildings. At the top of the terraced area is the sprinkler boulder. When you push on the boulder, once per day it will splash water onto any soil fields on the four terrace levels. Any crop fields on the flat, lower area will not be watered by the sprinkler system. The higher level terrace areas will increase crop Star Rank faster than the lower areas.

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The last section is the west farm, which requres you receive Town Restoration Plan #5. There aren't any terraces or sprinklers, but just a wide, spacious area to utilize after you clear out the trees.

Echo Village

At the beginning of the game you have access to the main Village area, where Emma, Dunhill, and Hanna are living. To the north of Dunhill's house is the area where festivals and contests will take place. In the northwest corner of the area is a flat plaza are for traveling shops. You'll find Neil's animal shop, Rod's pet shop, Olivia's snack shack, and Sandara's item exchange here. You can't move the shop plaza area.

The Festival area is empty most of the time, but on a festival day you'll see Dunhill at the entrance of the area. Talk to him to participate in the festival and he'll let you enter the area. During non-festival days, you can bring your pets here to play with their toys. The festival grounds is the only location where you can use the Cat Bell and Dog Bone toys to increase your pets' friendship. The cats fetch the Cat Bell and the dogs fetch the Dog Bone.

Dunhill will open up the West Village area after you've finished Town Renovation Plan #2. You'll have more villager housing to build after completing plan #2, so you'll need the additional space! West Village also has an exit to the Forest area.

Forest, Mountain, and River

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These three areas are where you'll find bugs and fish to catch and wild items to pick up off of the ground. These areas have several blocked-off sections that will unlock as you find the music sheets and play the tunes on the Harvest Sprites' musical tree stumps, located in the River area. The River area also has an exit that you can never use to leave the town area; this exit is where the traveling shops come from, is a part of a few random events, and where Neil goes to take your dead farm animals.

The Mountain area is between the Forest and the River. At the top of the hill you'll find a pond; if you throw in an offering then the ever-lovely Harvest Goddess will appear and thank you for your gift. There's also a jump mushroom that will take you to the other side of the river.

West of the Mountain (and north of the village area) is the Forest. Here you'll find the Honey Tree and the Ore Mine. You need to find the Boulder Dance music sheet from Dr. Klaus' house and then play it on the musical tree stumps in the River Area before you can access the mine. There are also two large trees that you can hit with your hammer to cause wild items to appear. One of the trees can be hit from the start of the game, but the larger one requires you to find another music sheet.