Farm Degree, Ranks, and Achievements

In most Harvest Moon games there is a farm degree, which is an overall status of your in-game activities. The higher your farm degree, the more you've done in your game. Typically the farm degree is just for bragging rights and doesn't have an impact in the game, but some versions unlock special features when you've reached specific farm degree levels.

In A New Beginning there are three types of degrees:

  1. Your overall Farm Degree is a compilation of all of your point activity.
  2. Your Rank Titles come from four specific categories: cooking, fishing, fish trapping, and catching critters.
  3. Many types of Achievements that will appear as you meet the activity criteria for a new rank to be issued.

Your degree ranks can only increase, they do not decrease. When you earn a new degree level you will receive a letter in your mailbox the next day. These mastery certificates will be saved in the Letters section of your farmhouse bookshelf.

Farm Degree

screen shot

Your farm degree title can be found inside of your farmhouse bookshelf. Access your bookshelf and select Asset List. This list will display your birthday, your brand levels, your family information if you have a spouse and/or child, and your farm degree title. In this version of Harvest Moon, reaching certain farm degree ranks will unlock two furniture designs:

Nothing else special will appear after you unlock the Pink Furniture design.

Your degree title will naturally increase as you do things within the game, whether it is interacting with villagers, participating in events and festivals, growing and shipping crops, and even getting married. The points you earn toward each of your farm degree titles are accumulatives and will never decrease. You can't ever see the exact number of farm degree points you have, but you will receive a letter in your mailbox when you've reached a new farm degree level.

Sometimes the level listed on the letter is not exactly the same as what appears inside your Assets List; the wording isn't always consistant when describing your farm degree level's title. For example, your degree in the Assets List might be "2nd Year Intermed." but the letter you receive in the mail will congratulate you on earning the "Middle School Farmer 8th Grade" level. The one in your Assets List is the one you want to keep an eye on, since it will carry with you inside your farmhouse bookshelf until the level changes. Also, the first few letters after the first farm degree title change will always say "Chick Group Farmer" while your Assets List will display the correct title.

There are a total of 42 farm degree titles.

Novice Farmer: 0 points
Egg Group Farmer: 3000 points
Chick Group Farmer: 5000 points
Chicken-stage Farmer: 10,000 points
Silkie-stage Farmer: 30,000 points
1st Year Novice: 50,000 points
2nd Year Novice: 100,000 points
3rd Year Novice: 150,000 points
4th Year Novice: 200,000 points
5th Year Novice: 250,000 points
6th Year Novice: 300,000 points
1st Year Intermed.: 350,000 points
2nd Year Intermed.: 400,000 points
3rd Year Intermed.: 500,000 points
1st Year Advanced: 600,000 points
2nd Year Advanced: 700,000 points
3rd Year Advanced: 800,000 points
1st Year Big Farmer: 900,000 points
2nd Year Big Farmer: 1,000,000 points
3rd Year Big Farmer: 1,500,000 points
Farm Chief: 2,000,000 points

Farm Knight: 2,500,000 points
Farm Baron: 3,000,000 points
Farm Viscount: 3,500,000 points
Farm Earl: 4,000,000 points
Farm Marquis: 4,500,000 points
Farm Duke: 5,000,000 points
Farm Grand Duke: 6,000,000 points
Farm King: 7,000,000 points
Farm Emperor: 8,000,000 points
Farm Angel: 9,000,000 points
Farm Archangel: 10,000,000 points
Farm Chief Archangel: 11,000,000 points
Farm Noh Angel: 12,000,000 points
Farm Power Angel: 13,000,000 points
Farm Lord Angel: 14,000,000 points
Farm Seated Angel: 15,000,000 points
Farm Wise Angel: 16,000,000 points
Farm Fierce Angel: 17,000,000 points
Supreme Farmer: 18,000,000 points
True Supreme Farmer: 19,000,000 points
All Clear Farmer: 20,000,000 points

The activities you do in the game will add to your total farm degree point value. Some activities can be done more than once per day, but some others are one-time only such as your child's birth or completing a town restoration plan.

For activities that can involve multiple items (e.g., catching up to 5 items when fish trapping, cooking 10 dishes, placing 99 items into the shipping bin, etc.) the action will earn you the farm degree point and not the multiple items. For example, putting milk into the Fermeting Machine to create cheese will earn you 1 farm degree point no matter how many bottles of milk you put into the maker machine. You could put in 10 milk to get 10 cheese in exchange and still only earn 1 point. If you are trying to maximize your points, you'll have to put the milk into the maker machine one at a time.

Degree PointsActivities
Multiplier Earn 5 x (your current year) each morning. For example, +5 points each day in year 1, +10 in year 2, +15 in year 3, etc.
+1 point Use a tool (watering can, sickle, milker, etc.)
Catch an item when fishing or fish trapping
Hit a colored mining point inside the forest mine
Catch a critter
Interact with a farm animal (either brushing, talking, giving a treat) once per day
Place an item while editing an area's layout and objects
Buy something from a shop (the purchase itself earns the point, and not the number of items you are buying)
Talk to a villager once per day
Pick up a piece of Barn Dirt off the floor of the barn
Use your kitchen to cook a recipe
Harvest honey from a bee hut
Harvest a mushroom from a mushroom log
Put an item into the shipping bin
Collect a fish from the fishing shed
Feed a wild animal
Use a jump mushroom
Use a tree trunk chute
Hit an Elder Tree with your hammer
+2 points Collect an item from a foraging tree trunk in the wild areas
+3 points Give a villager a gift
Use the Restroom inside your farmhouse
Use the Bath inside your farmhouse
+10 points Have a baby animal born on your farm
Catch a new type of critter
Catch a new type of fish
Have a flower bouquet crafted at Hana's General Store
Make an exchange at Sandra's Stall
Have your hair cut at Allen's Salon
Get a clothing outfit crafted at Yuri's Tailor Shop
Have fish food crafted at Kosaboro's Bait Shop
+20 pointsHarvest a crop
+30 pointsUse the Hot Spring (Sandra has the blueprint)
+100 pointsA farm animal becomes giant-sized
+300 points Participate a competitive festival
Trigger a random event
Upgrade your brand to a new level
Take a trip via the Travel Agency
+500 points Catch a giant fish
Win third place in a competitive festival
Trigger a heart event with a marriage candidate
Receive a gift from a wild animal family
+700 pointsWin second place in a competitive festival
+1000 points Construct a villager's house
Play tree trunk music sheets #1, #2, #3, #4, #10, and #12
+1500 pointsWin first place in a competitive festival
+3000 points Collect all of the cooking recipes
Catch all of the types of critters
Catch all of the types of fish
Upgrade your farmhouse size
A farm animal or pet reaches 10 hearts of friendship (just the first time it hits 10 hearts)
+5000 points A villager reaches maximum friendship (just the first time, not every time)
Your child is born
Your child sits up in bed
Your child walks
You give a Grow-up Candy to your child
+10,000 pointsPlay tree trunk music sheet #5 to unlock the forest mine
+15,000 pointsGet married
+20,000 pointsComplete Town Restoration Plan #1 or Plan #5
+30,000 pointsComplete Town Restoration Plan #2 or Plan #3 or Plan #4

Rank Titles

screen shot

Your rank titles are only in four categories: fishing, fish trapping, cooking, and critter catching. As you do these activities a certain number of times, you will eventually see a LEVEL UP appear, followed by a congratulatory full mastery letter in your mailbox the next day. The important ranks to go for are:

The ranks you earn from cooking will add a multiplier to the star rank of the resulting cooked dish; the higher your rank title, the more bonus star points your resulting dish will have (using high level star rank ingredients also helps). The rank for fishing and fish trapping will increase the star rank of the caught fish. The rank you earn from catching critters does nothing in the game. Critters do not have a star quality rank nor will the rank title make new types of critters appear.

You can see the number of times you've done these four activities by going to your farmhouse bookshelf, selecting the Picture Book option, and then looking at your Various Data. The first four entries on your bottom touch screen will be the four rank categories: Times Cooked is your cooking rank, Fish Caught is your fishing rank, Fish Traps Used is your fish trapping rank, and Critters Caught is your critters rank.

No. of TimesCookingFishingFish TrappingCritters
0Beginner CookBeginner FishermanBeginner TrapperBeginner Catcher
10Novice CookNovice FishermanNovice TrapperNovice Catcher
50Apprentice CookSkilled FishermanSkilled TrapperSkilled Catcher
100Experienced CookExpert FishermanGreat TrapperGreat Catcher
200Sous ChefFishing ManiacStar TrapperStar Catcher
400Head ChefFishing TechnicianSuper TrapperSuper Catcher
800Executive ChefFishing IdolExpert TrapperExpert Catcher
1300Elite Chef??Supreme Catcher
1900Master Chef??Elite Catcher
3000Legendary Chef??Catcher Legend

(Sorry, these are still being worked on)

For the fishing and fish trapping rank titles, catching junk items (branches, coins, old cans, etc.) will not add toward increasing your numbers. Only when you catch a fish, shrimp, crab, clam, or other fishy creatures will your count increase.

With the fish trapping and cooking, the action counts for your overall time and not the number of items. Catching five Steamer Clams when fishing trapping is the same as catching one Steamer Clam. When trying to work on your cooking rank title, you'll want to cook each dish one at a time instead of making a 10-stack of the same dish.

Your rank title will not change anymore after you've reached the last level.


The titles you earn have absolutely no affect in the game. These are just small goals that you can try to reach. Each category will have a bronze, silver, and gold title associated with it. You don't receive anything other than a mailbox letter if you achieve a crown rank in an achievement category. Once you reach the gold crown achievement, the counter will stop increasing for that category.

You can see these 83 achievement categories by going into your farmhouse bookshelf, selecting the Picture Book, Various Data, and then looking on your bottom touch screen. The entries that appear after the four rank titles are your supplementary achievement titles.

CagegoryBronze RankSilver RankGold Rank
Object MadeCraft 100 blueprint objectsCraft 500 blueprint objectsCraft 1000 blueprint objects
Shipping Money MadeEarn 100,000 GEarn 10,000,000 GEarn 100,000,000 G
Blueprints AcquiredObtain 100 blueprintsObtain 200 blueprintsObtain all 374 blueprints
Recipes AcquiredObtain 100 cooking recipesObtain 200 cooking recipesObtain all 324 cooking recipes
Crop Types HarvestedHarvest 20 types of cropsHarvest 40 types of cropsHarvest all 62 types of crop
Types of Fish CaughtCatch 20 types of fishCatch 50 types of fishCatch all 80 types of fish
Critter Types CaughtCatch 20 types of crittersCatch 60 types of crittersCatch all 96 types of critters
Town RevitalizationComplete Town Plan #1Complete Town Plan #3Complete Town Plan #5
Gifts to H. GoddessToss 50 gifts into her pondToss 100 gifts into her pondToss 300 gifts into her pond
Times TraveledUse the Travel Agency 10 timesUse the Travel Agency 30 timesUse the Travel Agency 50 times
Memory Museum UsedUse the museum 10 timesUse the museum 30 timesUse the museum 50 times
The Memory Museum Used achievement appears after you build and place the Memory Museum
Clothes CollectedCraft 10 clothing outfitsCraft 30 clothing outfitsCraft 50 clothing outfits
Hairstyles ChangedUse the Salon 10 timesUse the Salon 30 timesUse the Salon 50 times
Exchanged with SandraMake 100 trades at her shopMake 500 trades at her shopMake 1000 trades at her shop
Won Crop FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Cooking FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Bee FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Cow FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Chicken FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Sheep FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
CagegoryBronze RankSilver RankGold Rank
Won Alpaca FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Llama FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Yak FestivalWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Fishing ContestWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Won Critter ContestWin the festival 1 timeWin the festival 3 timesWin the festival 5 times
Made Giant AnimalsGrow 10 giant animalsGrow 30 giant animalsGrow 50 giant animals
The in-game text says Made Giant Crops, but it means Giant Animals
Milk CollectedCollect 100 normal/jersey milkCollect 500 normal/jersey milkCollect 1000 normal/jersey milk
Eggs GatheredCollect 100 eggsCollect 500 eggsCollect 1000 eggs
Wool CollectedSheer 100 sheep woolSheer 500 sheep woolSheer 1000 sheep wool
Alpaca Wool CollectedSheer 100 alpaca woolSheer 500 alpaca woolSheer 1000 alpaca wool
Llama Wool CollectedSheer 100 llama woolSheer 500 llama woolSheer 1000 llama wool
Yak Milk CollectedCollect 100 yak milkCollect 500 yak milkCollect 1000 yak milk
Cows AcquiredOwn 30 normal/jersey cowsOwn 60 normal/jersey cowsOwn 100 normal/jersey cows
Chickens AcquiredOwn 30 chickensOwn 60 chickensOwn 100 chickens
Sheep AcquiredOwn 30 normal/suffolk sheepOwn 60 normal/suffolk sheepOwn 100 normal/suffolk sheep
Alpacas AcquiredOwn 30 alpacasOwn 60 alpacasOwn 100 alpacas
Llamas AcquiredOwn 30 llamaOwn 60 llamasOwn 100 llamas
Yaks AcquiredOwn 30 yaksOwn 60 yaksOwn 100 yaks
Honey MadeHarvest 100 honeyHarvest 500 honeyHarvest 1000 honey
Mushrooms GrownHarvest 100 mushroomsHarvest 500 mushroomsHarvest 1000 mushrooms
CagegoryBronze RankSilver RankGold Rank
Giant Crops HarvestedHarvest 10 big/giant cropsHarvest 50 big/giant cropsHarvest 100 big/giant crops
Crops HarvestedHarvest 100 cropsHarvest 500 cropsHarvest 1000 crops
Fruit HarvestedHarvest 100 fruitHarvest 500 fruitHarvest 1000 fruit
Flowers HarvestedHarvest 100 flowersHarvest 500 flowersHarvest 1000 flowers
Herbs HarvestedHarvest 100 herbsHarvest 500 herbsHarvest 1000 herbs
Textiles HarvestedHarvest 100 flax/cottonHarvest 500 flax/cottonHarvest 1000 flax/cotton
Grains HarvestedHarvest 100 soybeans/wheatHarvest 500 soybeans/wheatHarvest 1000 soybeans/wheat
Paddy Crops HarvestedHarvest 100 paddy cropsHarvest 500 paddy cropsHarvest 1000 paddy crops
Tea Leaves HarvestedHarvest 100 tea leavesHarvest 500 tea leavesHarvest 1000 tea leaves
Fish RaisedHarvest 100 fish from fish shedHarvest 500 fish from fish shedHarvest 1000 fish from fish shed
Crabs CaughtCatch 100 crabsCatch 500 crabsCatch 1000 crabs
Shrimp CaughtCatch 100 shrimpCatch 500 shrimpCatch 1000 shrimp
Shellfish CaughtCatch 100 shellfishCatch 500 shellfishCatch 1000 shellfish
Mollusks CaughtCatch 100 mollusksCatch 500 mollusksCatch 1000 mollusks
Big Game CaughtCatch 100 giant fishCatch 500 giant fishCatch 1000 giant fish
Butterflies CaughtCatch 100 butterfliesCatch 500 butterfliesCatch 1000 butterflies
Locusts CaughtCatch 100 locustsCatch 500 locustsCatch 1000 locusts
Cicadas CaughtCatch 100 cicadasCatch 500 cicadasCatch 1000 cicadas
Beetles CaughtCatch 100 beetlesCatch 500 beetlesCatch 1000 beetles
Stag Beetles CaughtCatch 100 stag beetlesCatch 500 stag beetlesCatch 1000 stag beetles
CagegoryBronze RankSilver RankGold Rank
Dragonflies CaughtCatch 100 dragonfliesCatch 500 dragonfliesCatch 1000 dragonflies
Fireflies CaughtCatch 100 firefliesCatch 500 firefliesCatch 1000 fireflies
Frogs CaughtCatch 100 frogsCatch 500 frogsCatch 1000 frogs
Bees CaughtCatch 100 beesCatch 500 beesCatch 1000 bees
Ladybugs CaughtCatch 100 ladybugsCatch 500 ladybugsCatch 1000 ladybugs
Music PlayedPlay 3 Tree Trunk songsPlay 7 Tree Trunk songsPlay 13 Tree Trunk songs
Played MultiplayerUse the trade system 15 timesUse the trade system 50 timesUse the trade system 100 times
Used MakersUse the machines 100 timesUse the machines 500 timesUse the machines 1000 times
Ore MinedCollect 100 items when miningCollect 500 items when miningCollect 1000 items when mining
Items ForagedCollect 100 wild itemsCollect 500 wild itemsCollect 1000 wild items
Mountain Devices UsedUse jumps/chutes 500 timesUse jumps/chutes 1000 timesUse jumps/chutes 3000 times
Poison Mushrooms EatenEat 100 poison mushroomsEat 500 poison mushroomsEat 1000 poison mushrooms
Times FaintedPass out 10 timesPass out 50 timesPass out 100 times