Alpaca and Llamas

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These livestock animals are available later in the game. You can collect wool from them. The wool can be shipped as-is or can be convert to yarn by using the Cloth Maker machine.

Caring for alpacas and llamas is a little more hands-on than a sheep. The animals are more sensitive to neglect, and so you need to talk to them at least once every two days or they'll gain +30 stress; remember, stress is maxed at 100 points. They also need to be brushed regularly, as being dirty for two days will gain +20 stress, and being filthy will earn +30 stress.

Wool Production

The wool from alpaca and llamas can be sheered using the Clippers. If you don't have Clippers, buy the blueprint from Rebecca's Designs and then craft the tool in your studio workshop by combining 3 Small Rocks and 3 Branches.

The Clippers become available after you have purchased sheep. If you buy alpaca before sheep are available, then you can't sheer the alpaca until you buy the required sheep to unlock the Clippers blueprint. The same is true for unlocking Sheep Treats to feed to your alpaca.

White alpaca and brown alpaca both produce their wool every five days. The white alpaca produces Alpaca Wool and the brown one produces Brown Alpaca Wool. These are different items and cannot be substituted with one for the other.

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Llamas can be sheered once every six days and produce Llama Wool.

None of Yuri's clothing options require raw wool from these animals. You will need to supply her with yarn. Take the raw wool and place it into the Cloth Maker machine to produce Alpaca Yarn Ball, Brown Alpaca Yarn, and Llama Yarn Ball.

You can increase the animals' productivity by giving them the right ratio of normal Treats and Sheep Treats (there aren't special alpaca or llama treats in the game). The alpaca animals can grow to a larger size when they reach productivity level 5, but the llama will not grow large. It will still give five Llama Wool without the super-sized body.

Great quality items can be received from these animals by spending at least 50 in-game hours at Neil's animal sanctuary.

Breeding and Lifespans

You can breed Alpacas and Brown Alpacas by going to Neil's Animal Shop and selecting the option to impregnate. A pregnant alpaca will stay inside your barn for 20 days, and the baby alpaca will have half the friendship hearts as its mother. You can't breed Llamas.

A baby alpaca will take 20 days to grow into an adult.

Alpacas and llamas will naturally pass away when they become too old. The more friendship the animal has, the less of a chance that it will die in the morning when you wake up. Alpaca (either white or brown) have a minimum lifespan of 3 years and a maximum lifespan of 8 years. Llamas are from about 4 years to a max of 8 years. If you save your game the night before, and your animal dies, reload your save game and go to bed to see if it survives the next morning.

Alpaca and Llama Products

NameMaker Shed RecipeProfit (1 Star to 5 Star)
Alpaca Wool---1800 G | 2400 G | 3000 G | 3600 G | 4200 G
Great Alpaca Wool---5400 G | 7200 G | 9000 G | 10,800 G | 12,600 G
Brown Alpaca Wool---2400 G | 3200 G | 4000 G | 4800 G | 5600 G
Great B. Alpaca Wool---7200 G | 9600 G | 12,000 G | 14,400 G | 16,800 G
Llama Wool---2760 G | 3680 G | 4600 G | 5520 G | 6440 G
Great Llama Wool---8280 G | 11,040 G | 13,800 G | 16,560 G | 19,320 G
The following products require the Cloth Maker machine
Alpaca Yarn BallAlpaca Wool2076 G | 2768 G | 3460 G | 4152 G | 4844 G
Great Alpaca BallGreat Alpaca Wool6126 G | 8288 G | 10,360 G | 12,432 G | 14,504 G
Brown Alpaca YarnBrown Alpaca Wool2760 G | 3680 G | 4600 G | 5520 G | 6400 G
Great B. Alpaca YarnGreat B. Alpaca Wool8280 G | 11,040 G | 13,800 G | 16,560 G | 19,320 G
Llama Yarn BallLlama Wool3180 G | 4240 G | 5300 G | 6360 G | 7240 G
Great Llama YarnGreat Llama Wool9528 G | 12,704 G | 15,880 G | 19,056 G | 22,232 G