Music Sheets

In the morning of Spring 17, you will be visited by a strange little man. Aaron the Harvest Sprite has come to talk to you because you seem to be the only person who can see him. He uses his harvest magic to transport you to the River area to meet with his sister, Alice.

The sprites explain that there are many blocked sections in the wild area. You can't even break the rocks with a hammer! But the sprites' musical tree stumps have a mysterious power. Playing the right melody on the stumps will break the barricades. The sprites ask that you help open the blocked areas, but to make it fun, they will hide the music sheets. You will need to look for the tune's music sheet and then play the notes on the colored tree stumps.

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You will be given a hint where to look for the missing sheet music. For your first tune, Alice will tell you to look inside the house that belongs to the man with the hat. This is Dunhill's house, so go inside his house and look by the bed to retrieve the sheet music. Return to the music stumps in the River area and talk to Aaron. He will tell you the music notes that appear on the sheet and then will instruct you to hit the stumps in the same sequential order.

Each of the music stumps are colored and associated with a specific note. The stumps play the basic music scale, left to right:

Aaron will tell you the notes and then his dialog box will go away. You will have to remember the notes (or write them down) and play the tree stump drums in the specific note order. Walk up to the tree stump and press A to hit it with your Hammer. You will hear a slight thump of the note. Sometimes the note is so hard to hear that you might be tempted to hit the stump again, but if do then you'll mess up the sequence.

When you do hit the wrong note, Aaron will stop you from hitting the stumps and tell you that you've hit the wrong one. You can then give up or try it again. There isn't a consequence for hitting the wrong stump other than you have to do it all over again in the correct order. Before you start, Aaron will tell you the music sequence again.

Once you successfully hit the right notes, the tune will play and something will happen. Either a new area will become unlocked or you'll receive a gift.

There are a total of 13 music sheets. When a new sheet becomes discoverable, Aaron will visit your house in the morning. If you visit them in the River area, the sprites will give you a hint where you can find the sheet. Then you return back to them to play the stumps once you find it. Usually a sheet will be inside a villager's house after you build it.

The tunes must be unlocked in SEQUENTIAL ORDER. You can't get the sheet from Klaus' house for the Mine (#5) until you have found the music sheets at Dunhill's house (#1), Tina's House (#2), Clement's Restaurant (#3), and Rod's House (#4).

After you find all 13 tunes, the musical stumps have no purpose.

List of Missing Music Sheets

1. Basic Scale

2. Burbling Brook

3. Song of Earth

4. Birdy Banquet

5. Rock Dance

6. Round the Big Tree

7. Morning on the Farm

8. The Howl of the Wild

9. Friends on the Farm

10. Tranquil Forest

11. Mammoth Stomp

12. The Great Legacy

13. The Lion's Dance