This cheery fellow runs the pet shop in the plaza. He will sell dogs, cats, and a horse you can raise on your farm. You can also sell unwanted pets back to him. Rod is proud of the fact that he knows a lot about pets, but if something comes up that he doesn't understand, he can become unsure of himself.

Rod is a childhood friend of Allen and they share a lot of memories together. He also likes to hang out with Neil since they both have a passion for taking care of animals.

To unlock Rod, you will need to start Town Renovation Plan #3 and build the Cottage. The house requires 35 Small Branches, 25 Material Stone, 40 Lumber, and 5 Wool. You can get wool by shearing your own sheep or by sheering other players' sheep inside of the wifi animal land field.

Personal Data

Birthday: Summer 28

Family: Mother and Father (both out of town)

Preferred Clothing: Red Overalls (girl), Work Shorts, Gardening Outfit, Sailor Scarf, Light Green Raincoat, Yellow Raincoat, Red Checkered Skirt, Kimono (girl), Casual Shorts, High Neck Jacket, Yellow High Neck, Yellow Ninja Garb, Cowboy Outfit, Cat Costume, Dog Costume

Preferred Animals: All animals at +150 FP

Daily Schedule

Monday to Thursday
Sunny or Snowy
(Eating)N/APet ShopN/A(Eating)Random C
Monday to Thursday
(Eating)Random A(Eating)Random BR.C.(Eating)Random C
Fri, Sat, or Sun
Sunny, Snowy, or Rainy
(Eating)Random A(Eating)Random BR.C.(Eating)Random C
Sunday to Saturday
(Eating)Rod's House(Eating)Rod's House(Eating)Rod's House
Random A: (sunny or snowy) Forest, Mountain, River, or Rod's House | (rainy) Clinic, Exotic Mansion, Neil's House, or Rod's House
Random B: (sunny or snowy) Mine, Village, West Village, or your Farm-East | (rainy) Mine, Rod's House, or your Farm-East
Random C: (sunny or snowy) Allen's House, Neil's House, or Rod's House | (rainy) Rod's House

Gift Preferences

Special Gift
+800 FP
Bread and Noodle Recipe: Lasagna
Flour + cheese + Onion + Tomato + Yak Milk (Recipe found when fishing)
Loved Gifts
+500 FP
Normal Items: Great Milk, Great Jersey Milk, Great Yak Milk, Great Wool, Great Suffolk Wool, Great Alpaca Wool, Great Brown Alpaca Wool, Great Llama Wool, Gold Egg, Gold Silkie Egg, Mythic Stone

Pot Recipes: Cabbage Rolls, Pot-au-Feu, Stew, Ratatouille, Corn Stew, Caponata, Chum Salmon Soup

Rice Recipes: Fried Rice Ball, Onion Rice, Fried Rice, Pumpkin Doria, Tomato Risotto, Pilaf, Dolma, Mixed Vegetable Rice, Yam Rice, Chestnut Rice, Mushroom Rice, Omelet Rice, Seafood Omelet Rice, Milk Rice

Noodle and Bread Recipes: Carbonara
Liked Gifts
+300 FP
Normal Items: Peach, Banana, Mango, Apple, Grape, Cocoa, Kiwi, Orange, Shiitake, Shimeji, Trumpet Mushroom, Coral Mushroom, Common Mushroom, Milk, Jersey Milk, Yak Milk, Wool, Suffolk Wool, Alpaca Wool, Brown Alpaca Wool, Llama Wool, Egg, Silkie Egg, Great Cheese, Great Jersey Cheese, Great Yak Cheese, Great Herb Cheese, Great J. Herb Cheese, Great Y. Herb Cheese, Great Yogurt, Great Jersey Yogurt, Great Yak Yogurt, Great Fruit Yogurt, Great J. Fruit Yogurt, Great Y. Fruit Yogurt, Great Butter, Great Jersey Butter, Great Yak Butter, Great Herb Butter, Great J. Herb Butter, Great Y. Herb Butter, Great Mayonnaise, Great Silkie Mayo, Great Herb Mayo, Great S. Herb Mayo, Great Yarn Ball, Great S. Yarn Ball, Great Alpaca Yarn, Great B. Alpaca Yarn, Great Llama Yarn, Yellow Cloth, Spring Bouquet, Elli Leaves, Walnut, Coconut

Critters: all critters EXCEPT bees

Salad Recipes: Boiled Spinach, Potato Plum Salad, Soybean Salad, Plum Paste Cucumber, Plum Vinegar Salad

Soup Recipes: Turnip Soup, Spinach Soup, Borscht, Gazpacho, Minestrone, Egg Spinach Soup, Miso Soup, Lotus Root Soup, Soy Milk, Clam Chowder, Clear Soup

Fried Recipes: Potato Pancakes, Grilled Pumpkin, Grilled Tomato, Roasted Corn, Spinach Saute, Baked Yam, Vegetable Stir Fry, Fried Egg, Roasted Cheese, Roasted Mushroom, Grilled Fish, Stir Fried Turnip, Chop Suey, Okonomiyaki, Gratin, Butter Corn, Fried Lotus Root, Stir Fried Broccoli, Omelet, Raclette, Pot Sticker

Pot Recipes: Turnip Stew, Simmered Potato, Boiled Spinach, Simmered Eggplant, Boiled Daikon, Shredded Daikon, Oden, Croquette, Pumpkin Croquette, Cream Croquette, Spring Roll, Deep-Fried L. Root, Fried Isobe

Rice Recipes: Doria, Risotto, Oshinko Roll, Kappa Roll, Chirashi Sushi, Sea Bream Chazuke

Noodle and Bread Recipes: Bread, Potato Bread, Cornbread, Walnut Bread, Vegetable Bread, Fruit Bread, French Toast, Focaccia, Spaghetti, Mushroom Spaghetti

Dessert Recipes: Soft Chocolates, Chocolate Fondue, Soy Milk Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Madeleine, Chocolate Cake, Aloe Yogurt, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Ice Cream

Drink Recipes: Grass Juice, Tomato Juice, Carrot Juice, Pineapple Juice, Watermelon Juice, Kiwi Juice, Banana Juice, Mango Juice, Grape Juice, Chocolate Juice, Orange Juice, Cheese Drink, Yogurt Drink, Lassi, Aloe Juice, Banana au Lait, Iced Cocoa
Neutral Gifts
+50 FP
All other items not listed
Disliked Gifts
-300 FP
Normal Items: Fish Trap, Stay Awake, Stamina Booster, Super Stay Awake, Stamina Saver, Stamina Booster XL, Angler's Dream, Feline Friend, Canine Companion, Wild Animal Friend, Chicken Feed, Pet Food, Treat, Cow Treat, Sheep Treat, Chicken Treat, Fish Food, Cat Bell, Dog Bone, Barn Dirt, Oil, Wine, Bottle, Can, Old Boot, Fish Bones, Soil, Scrap Metal

Critters: Honey Bee, Western Honey Bee, Eastern Honey Bee, Mountain Honey Bee

Salad Recipes: Turnip Salad, Potato Salad, Cucumber Namul, Onion Salad, Pumpkin Salad, Tomato Salad, Corn Salad, Yam Salad, Daikon Salad, Mimosa Salad, Milk Salad, Herb Salad, Kimchi, Mixed Salad, Taramo Salad, Rice Salad, Pasta Salad, Italian Salad, Fritter Salad, Coleslaw, Summer Salad, Caprese, Curry Salad

Soup Recipes: Pho, Vichyssoise, Tom Yum Goong, Sturgeon Soup, Mitten Crab Soup

Fried Recipes: Pissaladiere, Shrimp Chili

Pot Recipes: Grouper Stew, Angler Fish Stew, Red King Crab Stew, Softshell Stew, Blowfish Stew

Rice Recipes: Arancini

Dessert Recipes: Ice Cream Crepe, Pumpkin Pie, Peach Pie, Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Orange Pie, Blueberry Pie, Yogurt Pie, Herb Pie, Mushroom Pie, Fish Pie, Pumpkin Ice Cream, Yam Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream, Pineapple Ice Cream, Watermelon Sherbet, Kiwi Sherbet, Peach Ice Cream, Cherry Ice Cream, Banana Ice Cream, Mango Ice Cream, Apple Ice Cream, Grape Ice Cream, Orange Sherbet, Blueberry Ice Cream, Egg Ice Cream, Soft-Serve Ice Cream, Yogurt Ice Cream, Butter Ice Cream, Herb Ice Cream, Mushroom Ice Cream, Fish Ice Cream, Soy Milk Ice Cream, Rice Ice Cream

Drink Recipes: Iced Mocha, Strawberry Shake, Pineapple Shake, Watermelon Shake, Kiwi Shake, Peach Shake, Cherry Shake, Banana Shake, Mango Shake, Apple Shake, Grape Shake, Chocolate Shake, Orange Shake, Berry Shake, Honey Shake, Soy Milk Shake, Tiramisu Shake, Smoothie
Hated Gifts
-500 FP
Normal Items: Fodder, Poison Mushroom, Chili Pepper, Snowball

Fried Recipes: Bibimbap

Rice Recipes: Yogurt Rice, Spicy Curry, Dry Curry

Noodle and Bread Recipes: Peperoncino, Pescatora

Dessert Recipes: Macaron

Drink Recipes: Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha
-800 FP
Dessert Recipe: Cream Puff

Heart Events

Black Heart Event

screen shot

» Rod's house
» 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
» Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
» Any weather
» You are playing as the girl main character
» Rod has 5000 Friendship Points or more
» You own at least 1 Chicken

Rod is teaching his dog some tricks when you arrive for a visit. He mentions that he would like to take a look at your chickens, so the two of you head back to the farm.

Inside your Coop, Rod mentions how cute the chickens are, but they must be hard to take care of!

Dialog Collector and Credit: Lon Lon

Purple Heart Event

screen shot

» Walk into your farmhouse
» 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
» Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
» Sunny weather
» You are playing as the girl main character
» Rod has a purple heart color or higher
» You have seen the black heart event

Rod comes over an invites you to a picnic. The two of you head out to the Mountain area.

He's excited and walks up towards the summit. You are following behind him, but you're getting a little tired. Rod notices that you're dragging behind and asks if you need a break.

Dialog Collector and Credit: Lon Lon

You must give Rod a Ring before you can see the rest of his heart events. Give him a Ring on Saturday or Sunday, Sunny weather, between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm. Rod must be at a blue heart color or higher.

Green Heart Event

» Rod's house
» 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
» Any day of the week
» Any weather
» You are playing as the girl main character
» Rod has a green heart color or higher
» You have seen the purple heart event

Rod is grumbling in front of his bookshelf. He explains that he needs to know a lot about dogs, horses, and cats, but helping you take care of the chicken reminded he knows almost nothing on how to take care of birds. Rod has been reading about all types of animals, but realizes that books aren't simply enough. The more he reads, the more he recognizes that he just doesn't know enough about animals! Rod feels inadequate and pathetic that he runs a pet shop and yet doesn't know all the things he feels he should of known.

Rod is looking pretty depressed. What should you say?

Dialog Collector and Credit: Lon Lon

Yellow Heart Event

» Rod's house
» 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
» Any day of the week
» Sunny, Rainy, or Snowy weather
» You are playing as the girl main character
» Rod has a yellow heart color or higher
» You have seen the green heart event
» The Salon has been built and Allen has been unlocked

Rod and Allen are talking, but Rod seems to be only talking about you. Allen isn't even paying attention. Rod catches onto Allen's spacing out and tells him he is being rude. Allen replies that he's tired of Rod telling the same stories over and over! You walk into the room, and Allen asks you talk to Rod about you being the main topic of conversation all the time. It's all he ever talks about! Rod says he'll cut back on the girlfriend chatter since you asked. Allen wonders what is it about Rod that makes you want to date him anyway.

Dialog Collector and Credit: Lon Lon