Summer Season Festivals and Events

Summer 02 - Clement's Birthday

Favorite Gift (+3000 FP): Basil Cheese Bread. Recipe received as a gift from Clement. Flour + Basil + cheese

Easy Good Gifts (+2000 FP): Mushroom Soup, Mushroom Rice, mushrooms (except Poison Mushroom), Basil

Summer 04 - Alpaca Festival

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This festival becomes available after you own an Alpaca. The White Alpaca unlocks once you reach year 2 in the game or once you have 8 Cows and Sheep, and the Brown Alpaca unlocks starting in Summer of year 3 or if you have 3 or more White Alpaca. You can use either color to participate in the Alpaca Festival.

On the day of the festival, talk to Dunhill at the festival grounds to select the alpaca you want to use and the class you want to enter. It doesn't matter if your alpaca has its wool clipped, but you can't enter a sick alpaca. You will have a better chance of winning if:

For the Beginner and Intermediate class, you can win simply based on the number of Friendship Points the alpaca has. You'll win the Beginner class at 361 Friendship Points (3.5 hearts = 350 FP) and the Intermediate class at 9 hearts. But for the Advance class, you'll need 10 hearts and some of the factors listed above. The other judgement factors affect the lower classes as well; for example, if you enter a White Alpaca into the Beginner class that only has 3 hearts but 0 stress and is clean, then you still have a chance of winning the festival.

If your alpaca is judged to be the winner, you will receive a standard festival prize and +1000 FP with the villagers. You'll still get +1000 FP just for participating in the festival.

Summer 05 - Camellia's Birthday

Favorite Gift (+3000 FP): Mushroom Spaghetti. Recipe received as a gift from Clement. Flour + mushroom

Easy Good Gifts (+2000 FP): herbs, perfume, Giant Strawberry, Great Yarn Ball, Great S. Yarn Ball, Great Llama Yarn

Summer 09 - Rebecca's Birthday

Favorite Gift (+3000 FP): Seafood Omelet Rice. Recipe found when mining (Group 5). Rice + egg + milk + shellfish + shrimp

Easy Good Gifts (+2000 FP): Lumber, Material Stone, mined ores, yogurt

Summer 12 - Tina's Birthday

Favorite Gift (+3000 FP): Orange Ice Cream. Recipe found when fishing (Group 3). Ice + milk + Orange

Easy Good Gifts (+2000 FP): Shiny Coin, Coral, Orange, Sea Urchin, Pearl

Summer 14 - Toni's Birthday

Favorite Gift (+3000 FP): Omelet Rice. Recipe found when fishing (Group 3). Rice + egg + milk

Easy Good Gifts (+2000 FP): Old Boot, Soil, king fish, Fish Fossil, beetles

Summer 15 to 18 - Critter Catching Festival

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To unlock this festival, you need to catch 100 or more critters and you have started Town Renovation Plan #4.

For this festival you will be judged on how many critters you can catch. If you catch the most bugs and frogs then you'll be the winner. On Summer 15, go to the festival area between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm and tell Dunhill you want to participate. Starting from that moment until you talk to him on Summer 18th, all of the critters you collect will count towards your catching total. You don't have to keep the critters in your rucksack; you are free to ship them when your rucksack gets full.

You may want to avoid taking any Travel Agency vacations during this time if you want to win. The four vacation spots do have critters, but they are in limited numbers. When you leave to go home, you are forced to go to bed, which wastes precious bug-catching time.

The festival ends on Summer 18 when you return to the festival area and talk to Dunhill between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Dunhill will then tell you which villager caught the most critters:

The winning requirement is ridiculously high! If you do beat all of the other villagers you will earn 10 of the listed item, a blueprint, and a cooking recipe. For participating in the festival on the 15th you'll get +100 FP with the villagers. If you return on the 18th, regardless of your critter catching capabilities, you'll earn another +1000 FP with the villagers. If you actually win the festival, then you'll earn another +1000 FP. This festival can earn you a lot of friendship!

Summer 21 - Cooking Festival

This festival becomes available after you have built Clement's Restaurant.

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Go to the festival area and talk to Dunhill between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. He will tell you the category that the cooking festival is going to be judged on:

After Dunhill tells you the category, return to your house and cook a dish from the required category. When finished, bring it back to Dunhill and hand it to him. You can then select whether you want to enter the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced contest.

The dish will be judged based on its Star Rank and not the stamina recovery value if the dish is eaten. This version of the cooking festival is much easier to win than the cooking festival in other versions of Harvest Moon. You can enter simple dishes like Boiled Egg, Tomato Juice, Pudding, etc., and still win as long as your ingredients combine into a dish with a large number of Star Points.

For participating in the festival you'll earn 1000 FP with the villagers and if you are the winner, you'll get an additional +1000 FP. You'll also win a standard festival prize. Once the festival is over you'll return to your farm house at 4:00 pm.

Summer 22 - Kosaburo's Birthday

Favorite Gift (+3000 FP): Squid Rice. Recipe found when fishing (Group 2). Rice + Squid

Easy Good Gifts (+2000 FP): all fish

Summer 25 - Fireworks

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This event unlocks after you have unlocked 20 or more villagers. Visit the festival area between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm to watch a firework show with all of the villagers. You can't ask someone to watch the fireworks with you if you're single, but you will earn +1000 FP with all of the villagers if you attend.

After the show and you leave the festival grounds, you will appear back at your farmhouse at 11:00 pm.

If you have a sweetheart, he or she will appear and comment on the show as the fireworks appear.

Summer 26 - Hina's Birthday

Favorite Gift (+3000 FP): Pudding a la Mode. Recipe found at Sandra's Item Exchange (Recipe #17). Strawberry + Kiwi + Banana + milk + egg

Easy Good Gifts (+2000 FP): juices, shakes, Giant Strawberry, Pink Diamond

Summer 28 - Rod's Birthday

Favorite Gift (+3000 FP): Lasagna. Recipe found when fishing (Group 5). Flour + Onion + cheese + Tomato + Yak Milk

Easy Good Gifts (+2000 FP): rice recipes, Gold Egg, Great-quality milk

Summer 30 - Summer Crop Festival

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Bring your item to be judged to Dunhill at the festival area between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Hand it to him and he will automatically place you into the correct competition category, depending on the type of item you've given him. Then select the class you wish you be judged in (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced). Entering the crop festival will earn +1000 Friendship Points with the villagers.

For this contest, the acceptable competition entries are:

Bananas and Mangos can be found wild on the remote island at the Southern Island after you have befriended the Turtles. You can submit the wild item to the contest or you can place it into the Seed Maker and grow the tree on your own farm, then submit your grown fruit to the contest.

The Star Rank of the item is then judged against the three random villagers.

For the Vegetable contest, you can enter an enlarged crop for more Star Points. Entering a "Big" crop will add +25 SP to you point total and a "Giant" crop will add +50 SP.

If you win the festival you will be rewarded with a prize and an additional +1000 FP with the villagers.